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U.S. Consulting is one of the most highly regarded HP NonStop (Tandem) consulting practices in the United States. Our staff specifically targets programmers, architects, business analysts, security and compliance experts, QA testers and system engineers who possess the unique skills required to work on the HP NonStop platform.

Vertical and application-specific expertise is a critical component of a successful project. We have specialists in retail, telecom, gaming, banking, brokerage, entertainment, and transportation. We have extensive experience with applications such as BASE24, Connex Advantage, GE Centricity, Carecast, and LastWord, as well as numerous system maintenance and performance utilities.

Whether you simply need staff augmentation (contract or full-time), or more in-depth consulting services, we can help. We offer enterprise architecture review and design, system & hardware migration teams, database design & data conversion assistance, and guidance toward improved enterprise interoperability. Our consultants are able to meet the most stringent bonding, insurance, and security clearance requirements; as a result we are a Preferred Vendor to numerous Fortune 500 corporations.

Success Stories

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Tandem Telecom (Telecom)
Developers, QA, Technical Writers

For Tandem Telecom, we provided 13 Quality Assurance Analysts and 6 Tandem NonStop developers to augment their development effort on the Tandem TSCP 1000 platform and its associated HLR and ERAD components. Over the period of three years, U.S. Consulting was called upon to provide additional resources in technical writing, version control, and maintenance. The platform became the preeminent cellular switch and was considered a benchmark in the industry.

Victoria's Secret (Retail)
System Architect, Developers

Victoria's Secret called on us through Tandem Professional Services to provide guidance in the form of a Tandem Architect to head up the development of their Decision Support System. The system was designed from the ground up to address issues never before handled by a NonStop system. 4 additional programmers were deployed to assist in the coding of the project, and the project was considered an overwhelming success.

Elder Beerman/Bon Ton Stores (Retail)

Elder Beerman/Bon Ton Stores needed retail applications enhancements and upgrades in a standard Tandem environment. This project was for merger activities to combine duplicate functions from IBM to Tandem. The applications were written in COBOL and SCOBOL. Application systems enhanced included Point of Sale (POS), Price Change System (PCS), and Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN). Other tasks included technical specification research, programming, and unit testing.

Stored Value Systems (Transaction Processing)
System Administrators, Developer

Stored Value Systems in Louisville, KY, a major transaction processor of gift card and debit cards, required experienced HP NonStop systems administrators to support their growth. We were able to immediately place three NonStop administrators, each with 15+ years experience, and complete their systems management team. In addition, when their application development team required a Tandem C programming expert on short notice, we were able to provide someone on-site within two days. That consultant successfully completed the project component ahead of schedule.

Emerging Health Technologies (Healthcare)
System & Application Support Specialist

Emerging Health Technologies, a healthcare technology and hospital automation company in Yonkers, NY, required an experienced HP NonStop systems and application support specialist. In addition to Tandem knowledge, this person needed to understand hospital systems and the changing Health I.T. requirements in that industry. We were able to immediately find and place an HP NonStop expert who has been consistently promoted and continues to lead their team today.

First Data (Payment Processing)

First Data, a major payment processing company (and one of the largest Tandem/HP NonStop users in the world) based in Greenwood Village, CO required specialized HP NonStop staff and consultants to support their growth and corporate acquisitions. Under extreme budget and time constraints, we were able to fill almost all of the positions we were assigned (despite being one of over 25 vendors in competition), building their HP NonStop team by four as well as providing three expert-level HP NonStop developer consultants.

Per Se Technology (Healthcare)

Per Se Technology in Atlanta, GA, the leading provider of healthcare connectivity solutions, needed to make significant changes and upgrades to their HP NonStop applications in accordance with an upcoming mandate of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountablity Act). We immediately provided an on-site team of several Tandem COBOL, SQL developers who were able to make the changes needed on time and under budget.

Motorola / Verizon (Telecom)
NonStop Support Specialists

A joint telecom project by Motorola and Verizon in Branchburg, NJ required 24 hour support by experienced HP NonStop/Tandem professionals. Despite a challenging budget and schedule (which did not allow for overlap of coverage) we provided several experienced HP NonStop support experts on-site without a single minute of missed coverage through completion of the project.

Private Company (Business Intelligence)
Application Support Expert

A private New York business intelligence and technology integration company needed to support several international customers as they upgraded their HP NonStop based applications and hardware. They looked to us to provide a flexible solution of on-site and off-site support by one of our Tandem/HP NonStop C/Tal/COBOL development experts. We were able to provide ongoing support, and continue to be their "go-to" phone call for any Tandem /HP NonStop related requirements.

Private Hospital (Healthcare)
Application Specialist / Developer

A large for-profit hospital needed an IDX/Carecast consultant for a Carecast upgrade. Created a redesign of GE/IDX's Carecast Medical Administration Report (MAR) in COBOL85, which is used by clinicians at the client's multi-site hospital network to administer all medications to "In-Patients". This includes eight Vertical Dosage Times, larger font sizing, along with Bar Coding necessary for Patient Accounting.

Created a Pharmacist ROUNDS Report in COBOL85 and SQL, showing demographic information, active meds, dosage, and allergies along with up to sixty-four specific Pharmacist Lab test results for each patient. IDX Version is 5.10.06. We also trained members of the staff with basic GE/IDX report generation tools.

GTE Telecommunication Services (Telecom)

GTE Telecommunication Services needed C developers to work on multiple projects to build and enhance applications containing ANSI 41 messaging (CDMA MAP). This was done on the Tandem using C development. This project included 4 of our Telecom consultants.

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If your company needs NonStop help, send us some basic information and an account manager will call you today. We will provide you with resumes of the top people available for each of your requirements and arrange telephone and/or face-to-face interviews. We will not waste your time (or ours) presenting candidates who do not fit your requirements, and we provide a performance guarantee for every consultant we place.

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If you are a Tandem / HP NonStop expert in search of a consulting or full-time position, send us some information about yourself. An account manager will contact you to discuss what you want to do, where you want to do it, and potential opportunities we have available. We do not submit our consultants' information to search engines or discuss your name with client companies without your permission, and we will talk with you about each opportunity with you before presenting your resume.